Practice Areas

Commercial cases

Problems, returns, receivables and various lawsuits, which are often encountered in product deliveries, before the Commercial Courts regarding commercial disputes, to which commercial companies and merchants are parties.

Company works and operations

Services such as establishment, registration, amendment of articles of association, opening and closing of branches. In this regard, BNH Petrokim LTD. the company has carried out...

Compensation cases

Compensation and damages cases are also followed by us for compensation of the material or moral damages given to the integrity or assets of the persons. In addition, unjustly arrested or...

Criminal cases and jurisdiction

Nevertheless, we are looking at the cases of those who have been seriously placed for this, those who have been accused of wounding, theft and drug treatment.

Debt collection, execution operations

The collections are placed by us without going to the execution way or through the address of execution and then foreclosures. In Turkey ...

Deportation orders and exclusion order

Being one of the most common problems of foreigners in these days; On 11.04.2013, the Official Gazette of 28615 was published and closed.

Family issues and divonce cases

Nevertheless, one of the situations we are looking for, couples disagreement and the status of the lifestyle of the legally named union if they want to end the union of disputed or contentious divorce lawsuits ...

Residence permit, work permit operations

The residence and work permits of foreigners who are wanted for our country and citizenship institutions were also realized by us and supported by Migration Administrations and Provincial Population Directorates.