About Us

As Serka Law Firm we successfully operate in Turkish, English, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese and German. Attorney Serkan KARA works as the founder attorney of the firm. We work with Russian, Arabic and Persian native speaker lawyers.
We especially take the cases and give legal consultations which involves foreigners’ issues. We have long term clients which we have successfully given services.

Company works and operations

Establishing, registration, main agreement changes, branch opening and closing and other related works.
In this regard we have successfully given service to the Belarus State Petrol Company which the Belarus Consulate referenced to our firm. By our successful and fast operations they still work with our firm and we have good relations with their Turkey regional director. At the same time one of the Europe’s biggest and respected logistics company, Vesta Logistics is one of our clients and their new Turkish regional director was registered to the Trade Registry by our firm.

Commercial Cases

The disputes which one or more parties are commercial partnerships and cases heard by Trade Courts, generally delivery disputes, refunds, debts and related cases.

Deportation orders and exclusion order

One of the most known and encountered issues at the present time in Turkey by the foreigners is; by the reason of the LAW ON FOREIGNERS AND INTERNATIONAL PROTECTION number 6458, which was enacted and published on the official gazette at the date of 11.04.2013, unjustly being seized in the Deportation Centers and being deported. We help these foreigner citizens immediately and we make the objections and file the cases required for them to be released and set free. We have given so many successful services in this area.

Residence Permit, Work permit and citizenship operations

Residence and work permit applications for the foreigners which intends to stay in Turkey are made by our firm as well. They are supported directly in the Immigration authorities and Civil Registries when required.