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As Serka Law Firm we successfully operate in Turkish, English, Russian, Arabic, Persian, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese and German. Attorney Serkan KARA works as the founder attorney of the firm. We work with Russian, Arabic, Persian and Chinese native speaker lawyers.

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Our Primary References:


Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Istanbul


Consulate General of the Kyrgyz Republic in Istanbul


Consulate General of the Kazakhstan Republic in Istanbul


Consulate General of the Ukraine Republic in Istanbul


Belneftekhim Belarusian State Concern for Oil and Chemistry, BNH Petrokim Ltd.


Consulate General of the Federative Republic of Brazil in Istanbul


Vesta Logistics Ltd.


BARiT Kunstharz Belagstechmik GmbH

Minimum Lawyers' Fee - 2017


Fee to be paid for legal services other than lawsuits and legal actions
1Verbal consultation in office (up to one hour)275,00 TL
Each subsequent hour160,00 TL
2Verbal consultation where invited (up to one hour) 550,00 TL
Each subsequent hour270,00 TL
3Consultation in writing
(up to one hour)
550,00 TL
Each subsequent hour260,00 TL
4Writing all kinds of petitions, notices, warnings, protests400,00 TL
5Preparation of contracts and similar documents
a) Preparation of contracts and similar documents530,00 TL
b) By-laws, regulations, testamentary contracts, wills, foundation charters, and similar documents1.590,00 TL
c) Basic contracts of companies, contracts related to commercial affairs such as the transfer and merging of companies1.590,00 TL
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